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Spend freely in NOK, SEK & DKK with new Nordic wallets

Claire Boisseau

Trusted by more than 1,500 businesses across 31 countries, Spendesk is growing rapidly across Europe. And we're delighted to announce the launch of new currencies for Spendesk customers: Swedish Krona, Danish Krone & Norwegian Krone!

Good news for Nordics-based, international organizations. You can now have a unique spend management system in the currencies you use every day.

Spendesk already offers wallets in EUR, GBP and USD. But we heard your requests & calls for new currencies, and even more are coming!

How does it work on Spendesk?

You can choose to open a Spendesk account in EUR, GBP, USD, SEK, DKK or NOK. And it only takes a moment to set it up:


These new currency wallets present a few big benefits for our customers:
  • Enjoy fee-free transactions while spending with each wallet, and save on FX fees; 

  • All the same Spendesk features are available in NOK, SEK, DKK, and every other currency we offer. There’s really no difference in the eye of the spender.


Moving between the Nordics can be a pain without easy access to the right currencies. Well, now you have it!

"The system is always the same. We can easily roll out Spendesk in any country with a couple of clicks."

Sabrina Hentsch, Head of Finance at Rent24

Smart spend management software for global organisations

Interested in opening a wallet in one of these Nordic currencies? Let's talk about it:

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Oh, and stay tuned... especially for Switzerland!

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Claire Boisseau

Claire is Product Marketing Manager at Spendesk where she helps modern businesses take control of their spending.