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14 London finance events to attend in 2020

Patrick Whatman

Want an opportunity to meet other finance professionals, learn from industry leaders, and take inspiration? Looking for new opportunities, new technologies to explore, and smart companies to follow?

Just want an excuse to get out of the office and enjoy a few drinks and nibbles?

Whichever of the above applies, attending a great finance event can give your daily grind the shake-up it needs. And if you want to squeeze a few of these in before the end of the year, you’ll need ideas.

So here are our suggestions for the best London finance events to attend before in 2020. We’ve split them into the big, broad industry conferences, and those for practitioners with a specific niche.

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General finance conferences

Keen to network, hear from big names, and learn about the major trends affecting finance and technology? These are London's large-scale events that might take your fancy.

The Future of Finance & CFO Summit 2020

Compared with many of the other events on this list, the Future of Finance & CFO Summit is smaller and more intimate. But what it may lack in grandeur, it makes up for in the sheer amount of knowledge shared. 


Proceedings commence with a workshop day on Monday, made up of close-knit sessions on topics such as ROI of digital transformation and The AI-augmented CFO. The two days that follow are for the wider conference. 

Speakers include executives from Burger King, Siemens, and Debenhams. Also notable is the exclusive, invitation-only CFO Summit - open to just 25 attendees. 

As an extra incentive to attend, this year will also feature the inaugural Future of Finance & CFO Awards on 11 February. It’s too late to be nominated; entries closed on 13 December. But there’s still time to buy tickets and see the lucky winners. 

  • When: 10-12 February, 2020
  • Where: Hilton Syon Park, London

UK Fintech Week

Innovate Finance dedicates an entire week to UK fintech, with different events running each day. These will cover core topics including growth, scaling, trends, and will showcase plenty of notable UK fintech success stories. 

Highlights for the week include IFGS 2020 (20-21 April), which discusses financial services’ contributions to society and anticipated trends; Startup and Scaleup Day (23 April), and National Skills Day (24 April) which will expose fintech careers to new young professionals. 

  • When: 20-24 April 2020
  • Where: Guildhall (IFGS 2020) and greater London 


This event gathers over 9,000 accountancy and finance professionals to share best practices, tools, and connect. This is a great place to stay on top of the latest, best tech innovations to embrace the digital revolution. 


Even better, admission is free to those who have pre-registered (online). And because attendees are there to discover new tools and technologies, the conference is a great space for exhibitors, too. 

  • When: 18-19 November, 2020
  • Where: London  

To register: Event website

Fintech World Forum 2020

This is London's all-things-fintech event. Over two days, speakers from all over the finance and technology world present on topics ranging from the full reserve banking model, the bridge between cash and digital banks, and using AI to ensure customer satisfaction.

The agenda is bold, varied, and features keynotes from some of the best-known and fastest growing companies around:


And compared with some of the other events on this list, the Forum is relatively intimate. It’s not set in a giant stadium, and attendees won’t feel lost in a sea of their peers.

Which makes this a good place to get to know others in your field, and get face-to-face with industry VIPs.

  • When: 21-22 May, 2020
  • Where: Kensington Conference & Events Centre, London

To register: Event website

Finance and Accounting 2020 Annual Symposium

One of the only free events on our list, this one is a must for passionate about finance theory and academia. Hosted by the Westminster Business School, this Symposium promises to explore financial data issues in depth. 

This year’s theme is “Data analytics in the digital age,” and likely topics include fintech taxation, market sentiment, crypto-currencies, and behavioral finance. Submissions are also open for all areas of finance and accounting papers, but those which specifically address how data analytics affect investors’ expectations and decision-making will take priority. 

  • When: 18-19 June, 2020
  • Where: University of Westminster, London

To register: Eventbrite

Fintech Week 2020

London Fintech Week is one of several large events organised by Fintech Worldwide, a network of over 100,000 finance and technology experts around the world. The event brings together 2,000+ attendees and 80+ speakers to explore the most pressing issues and areas of interest in global fintech.

Key topics will include: 

  • The increasing presence and dominance of Chinese fintechs
  • The arrival of tech giants (Apple, Facebook, and more) onto the fintech scene
  • The importance and impact of challenger banks
  • Noteworthy trends in regtech and insuretech

As is tradition, the event also features a summit, receptions, and a hackathon. 

  • When: 6-7 July, 2020
  • Where: London, TBC

Niche industry events

Sometimes the big broad events above can feel like all glitz and no substance. If you want to get into the nitty gritty in your specific industry, the following options might prove more rewarding.

PAYTECH Innovation Conference

2020 sees the launch of the PAYTECH Innovation Conference, where payments professionals meet to discuss and inspect the future of the industry. This first installment will address the arrival of Blockchain and AI, look at new regulations, and share projections for changes to come. 

Speakers include representatives of NatWest and PwC, CEOs of Paybase and Moorwand, and other industry leaders. This promises to be a great event for finance and technology professionals wanting to keep up with the latest in payments.

  • When: 18 February, 2020
  • Where: Société Générale, 1 Bank St, London

FINTECH Bridge China-UK Conference 2020

For companies already doing - or hoping to begin doing - significant business in China, this event should be particularly interesting. The conference promises to detail what makes China an appealing fintech market, with speakers from the Chinese Embassy as well as major businesses and universities. 

Find out what makes the Chinese landscape different - most notably, the vast amounts of data that businesses have access to and rely on. This event should appeal to both British and Chinese businesses trying to be more effective in a new market. 

  • When: 27 February, 2020
  • Where: Allen & Ovary, London

London Blockchain Week

Some readers could be forgiven for thinking that Blockchain was simply a fad from several years ago. But this London event’s own listing page has different ideas: 

“Make no mistake, Blockchains are here to stay and are already changing the balance of power in networks, markets, the global economic order and the relationship between the individual and state.”

And that’s exactly what London Blockchain Week is here to explore: the growing potential and real-world impact of Blockchain worldwide. 

Specifically, the conference will discuss: 

  • How Blockchain is already being deployed by industries
  • Blockchain and Internet of Things
  • The next assets due to become tokenized
  • The use of Blockchain by governments

Organisers are expecting 1,500+ attendees, and more than 100 speakers. The event will also feature a pitch competition and hackathon, and of course plenty of networking opportunities. 

  • When: 4-11 March, 2020
  • Where: 8 Northumberland Avenue, London

AI Summit Finance 2020

AI Summit Finance is actually part of a larger conference, Big Data World 2020. This section of the event specifically looks at the potential impact of artificial intelligence on the financial sector. 

Key themes include the ways in which businesses can gain a competitive advantage from early adoption, how to upskill workers for this new technology, and how to build your unique company culture into these tools. 

This event is designed to both discuss these issues and showcase the companies tackling them. Which also makes it an interesting space for exhibitors. 

  • When: 11-12 March, 2020
  • Where: London 

Travel Finance Conference


Our third conference in March, this event focuses on the state of finance in the travel industry. Presented by the travel association ABTA, the conference covers a host of topics affecting travel and finance professionals alike. 

Subjects of discussion will include: dealing with foreign exchange risks, Blockchain and ERP software, and the impact of the Airline Insolvency Review. 

This event follows several well known failures in the travel industry - most notably the Thomas Cook Group. These make knowledge sharing even more important for travel professionals in the present climate. 

  • When: 10-11 March, 2020
  • Where: KPMG, 15 Canary Wharf, London

Open Banking World Congress

“Open Banking is the dawn of a transition from traditional banking and financial services as a vertical, to becoming the essential enabler of an emerging lifestyle horizontal.” So proclaims this event’s official website, 

The Open Banking World Congress seeks to answer several key questions: 

  • What is the future for the open banking ecosystem, and how it might impact your business?
  • What are the top success stories so far?
  • What improvements in functionality, standards, and identity are most necessary?
  • How can open banking be monetized? 
  • What value exchanges will customers respond best to?

With 400+ attendees, the event isn’t as large as some of the fintech forums above. But that may lead more detailed conversations and easier networking.

To register: Event website

AltFi London Summit 2020

2020 marks the seventh installment of the AltFi London Summit. Its purpose is to explore fintech and alternative finance - in particular the evolutions of open banking and alternative credit today and tomorrow. 

Over one full day, the conference will “examine the opportunities and the challenges facing both disruptive newer players as well as established names looking to bring to the market genuinely radical new products.”

  • When: 9 November, 2020
  • Where: etc. venues 155 Bishopsgate, London

To register: Event website

Regular finance meetups

There are of course other events taking place on a regular basis. For finance leaders who want something reliable and ongoing, these communities can provide exactly this.

CFO Connect


If you’d rather join a tight-knit community than a one-off finance conference, CFO Connect is probably for you. With regular meetups taking place in London, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, and (soon) Amsterdam, it gives finance leaders the chance to make valuable connections all over Europe. (There are also San Francisco meetups on the horizon).

These evenings focus on one key topic per session, with two or three industry experts presenting their own experience and offering guidance to attendees. Previous London meetups examined:

Obviously aimed mainly at CFOs, events are open to other finance professionals and those looking to expand their knowledge in the subject of focus.


And the best part? There’s also an exclusive Slack community for CFOs wanting to continue the conversation. This is where some of Europe’s most intriguing and insightful idea exchanges take place.

Meetups take place in London at least once per quarter, and there’s always a CFO Connect coming up somewhere in Europe.

To view events and register: CFO Connect website

Find more finance events in the United Kingdom

If you’re still looking for more, here are a few great places to keep an eye on:

UK Finance

UK Finance runs a huge range of its own trainings, conferences, dinners, and webinars. If you’d like to keep a steady stream of local events to attend, this is a great site to follow.

Fintech News Switzerland

Sure, this site is mainly for Swiss news. But it has a section for upcoming events, and even wrote its own list of London events to attend for 2019. Check them out.

The Financial Services Forum

Similar to UK Finance, FS Forum runs lots of meetups and online events for members and non-members alike. These cover lots of interesting topics, and are definitely worth looking into. is a site to search for all kinds of events, everywhere. But its list of London finance events is comprehensive, including plenty that are hard to find elsewhere.

Get a ticket, book a spot, talk finance

That’s our list of interesting finance events for 2020. Hopefully you'll be able to a few of them in person. 

Which of these events look good to you? Perhaps the glitz and glamour of Fintech World Forum? Or the precise technical ideas at London Blockchain Week.

Or maybe you prefer the intimacy of our CFO meetups.

Whatever the case, take time to expand your knowledge and your finance network, and get inspired by the smart thinkers this industry has to offer.

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