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9 London finance events to attend this year

Patrick Whatman

Want an opportunity to meet other finance professionals, learn from industry leaders, and take inspiration? Looking for new opportunities, new technologies to explore, and smart companies to follow?

Just want an excuse to get out of the office and enjoy a few drinks and nibbles?

Whichever of the above applies, attending a great finance event can give your daily grind the shake-up it needs. And if you want to squeeze a few of these in before the end of the year, you’ll need ideas.

So here are our suggestions for the best London finance events to attend before the end of the year. We’ve split them into the big, broad industry conferences, and those for practitioners with a specific niche.

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General finance conferences

Keen to network, hear from big names, and learn about the major trends affecting finance and technology? These are London's large-scale events that might take your fancy.

Fintech World Forum 2019

This is London's all-things-Fintech event. Over two days, speakers from all over the finance and technology world present on topics ranging from tokenisation and stablecoins, to the importance of human interaction in financial institutions.

The agenda is bold, varied, and features keynotes from some of the best-known and fastest growing companies around:


And compared with some of the other events on this list, the Forum is relatively intimate. It’s not set in a giant stadium, and attendees won’t feel lost in a sea of their peers.

Which makes this a good place to get to know others in your field, and get face-to-face with industry VIPs.

When: 18-19 November, 2019
Where: Kensington Conference & Events Centre, London

To register: Event website

FinTech Connect


Here's a description from the event's own website: “FinTech Connect is where large teams from major financial institutions go to make informed buying decisions on the latest innovations on the market, and where fintechs come to accelerate dialogues with digital buyers with responsibility across digital transformation, payments, financial security, regtech and blockchain.”


Perhaps an easier way to explain this is as a meeting place to discuss emerging and important fintech trends with people from companies of all sizes.

This is an expo-sized event: 6,000 attendees and 300 speakers over two days. So while you’re unlikely to stand out in the crowd, there’s a great chance you’ll have a few genuine “wow” moments during your time there.

And the format is just as large. The event itself is broken up into smaller conferences: Blockchain Connect, Paytech Connect, DX Connect, and so on. Attendees can expect part-expo with companies showcasing their wares, and part learning opportunity with speakers from well-known, successful businesses.

Early stage companies will also be interested in the Startup LaunchPad, a space for you to demo your solution for interested partners and potential investors:


When: 3-4 December, 2019
Where: ExCel London

To register: Visit the website

Xerocon London

Xerocon is actually niche in one sense: it’s specifically aimed at cloud accountants. But everything else about this event is grand in scale.

Over two days at London’s ExCel, speakers will tackle huge topics like the state of accounting and seizing the open banking opportunity. Alongside these keynotes, attendees will also have breakout sessions to go deeper into specific ideas.

Some of the more intriguing breakouts include:

  • Are you jeopardising cashflow for your clients?
  • Compliance is dead. Long live compliance.
  • Understanding your clients to differentiate your services

Overal, Xerocon should provide both inspiration and strategy to accountants from firms of all sizes. But especially if you’re trying to grow your practice and offer better services, this is the conference for you.

When: 13-14 November, 2019
Where: ExCel London

To register: Event website

Digital Innovation Summit 2019

This one-day event tackles the big themes due to affect the finance industry in 2020 and beyond. In particular, attendees will think about and discuss the ways that new technologies impact business models.

As the event website explains, “discussions will focus on emerging technologies, investing for growth, customer centricity, digital disruption as a source of innovation and opportunity, the advantages of regulatory change, overcoming legacy systems, and industry collaboration to strengthen the resilience of the UK financial sector.”

There are four content streams to tackle the following key questions:

  • How do we build our institutions for the consumer needs of tomorrow?
  • How can payments firms keep pace with emerging technology pioneers?
  • How are established lenders preparing for digital disruption?
  • How can the latest innovations be applied to our business models?

Any finance professional stands to gain from examining these issues.

When: 15 October, 2019
Where: CodeNode, 10 South Place, London

To register: Event website

Niche industry events

Sometimes the big broad events above can feel like all glitz and no substance. If you want to get into the nitty in your specific industry, the following options might prove more rewarding.

The Retail Payments Conference 2019

This is a relatively “niche” topic that actually impacts an enormous range of businesses worldwide. And given the way that consumer payment options keep changing, now’s the perfect time to pay a little extra attention.

“As cash volumes decline and card fees continue to rise, we look to the future for innovation that will provide cost-effective, streamlined customer payments experiences. From cashless kiosks to Strong Customer Authentication; from open banking and the power of data – this year’s Retail Payments Conference will focus on developing a future-proofed payments strategy.”

Shoppers always want new and easier ways to pay for goods - whether online or in-store. This one-day conference addresses new trends and helps businesses understand their options.

When: 5 November 2019, 10am - 5pm
Where: Leonardo Royal Hotel London St Paul's

Cost: Free

To register: Eventbrite

Branch Transformation 2019

In the event’s own words, Branch Transformation is “the world’s leading conference dedicated to the branch and digital transformation.” Over two days at the Park Plaza Riverbank Hotel (London), leading banks will present their own experiences and case studies to meet new banking challenges.

For bank managers currently dealing with the tricky consumer landscape, these stories will be inspiring and enlightening. The industry is changing at such a rate that many are struggling to keep up. This event should help.

Key themes include:

  • Omnichannel integration
  • Assisted self-service
  • Cash automation and recycling
  • AI in customer intelligence

When: 19-20 November 2019
Where: Park Plaza Riverbank Hotel, London

To register: Event website

FIMA Europe

FIMA (Financial Information Management) Europe is aimed directly at data managers from investment banks and asset management groups. Taking place over two days at London’s QEII Centre, there’s a seemingly endless array of interviews, keynotes, and polling sessions - all about information management.

Speakers include senior data leaders from the world’s largest banks and consultancies, plus several government experts. The event also includes interactive roundtable discussions, workshops, and live debates.

And there are plenty of networking opportunities, including everyone’s favourite: drinks and nibbles.

You can view the full 2019 agenda here.

When: 19-20 November, 2019
Where: QEII Conference Centre, London

To register: Event website

CBI London International Trade Conference

As the name suggests, this finance conference is all about trade. More specifically, it explores the United Kingdom’s role in the global economy, and what changes you can expect to see in the near future.

Which makes it an intriguing event for businesses doing international trade.

Attendees can expect to benefit from:

  • Training sessions to help you understand how trade policy affects your business
  • Presentations on trade in a post-Brexit world
  • Practical advice on internationalising your business
  • Networking opportunities with other senior practitioners
  • Drinks reception with ambassadors and trade experts

Non-CBI members are welcome to attend. The event is suited to those in trade or government affairs, but also SME and MSB CEOs, Managing Directors and Finance Directors.

When: 10 December, 2019
Where: Royal Society of Arts, London

To register: Eventbrite

Regular finance meetups

There are of course other events taking place on a regular basis. For finance leaders who want something reliable and ongoing, these communities can provide exactly this.

CFO Connect

If you’d rather join a tight-knit community than a one-off finance conference, CFO Connect is probably for you. With regular meetups taking place in London, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, and (soon) Amsterdam, it gives finance leaders the chance to make valuable connections all over Europe. (There are also San Francisco meetups on the horizon).

These evenings focus on one key topic per session, with two or three industry experts presenting their own experience and offering guidance to attendees. Previous London meetups examined:

Obviously aimed mainly at CFOs, events are open to other finance professionals and those looking to expand their knowledge in the subject of focus.

And the best part? There’s also an exclusive Slack community for CFOs wanting to continue the conversation. This is where some of Europe’s most intriguing and insightful idea exchanges take place.

Meetups take place in London at least once per quarter, and there’s always a CFO Connect coming up somewhere in Europe.

To view events and register: CFO Connect website

Find more finance events in the United Kingdom

If you’re still looking for more, here are a few great places to keep an eye on:

UK Finance

UK Finance runs a huge range of its own trainings, conferences, dinners, and webinars. If you’d like to keep a steady stream of local events to attend, this is a great site to follow.

Fintech News Switzerland

Sure, this site is mainly for Swiss news. But it has a section for upcoming events, and even wrote its own list of London events to attend for 2019. Check them out.

The Financial Services Forum

Similar to UK Finance, FS Forum runs lots of meetups and online events for members and non-members alike. These cover lots of interesting topics, and are definitely worth looking into. is a site to search for all kinds of events, everywhere. But its list of London finance events is comprehensive, including plenty that are hard to find elsewhere.

Get a ticket, book a spot, talk finance

That’s our list of interesting finance events for the rest of 2019. We’ll make sure to update it shortly to help you plan for 2020.

Which of these events look good to you? Perhaps the glitz and glamour of Xerocon or Fintech World Forum. Or maybe you prefer the intimacy of our CFO meetups.

Whatever the case, take time to expand your finance knowledge and your network, and get inspired by the smart thinkers this industry has to offer.

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