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Wield your Spendesk card to get rid of all your expense reports

Faustine Rohr-Lacoste

Selected by millions of employees as the worst administrative procedure of the year, filling out expense reports is still an ordeal in 2017. We’ve all experienced, at least once in our life, this fatalistic feeling when trying to painfully insert one last receipt in an overflowing wallet...


If this reminds you of something, well… you’re clearly not aware of what Spendesk is and how it can help you solve this pain! If you had a Spendesk card at your last business lunch, you could have paid without having to advance money to your client, while taking a snapshot of your receipt that you would have simply thrown away later on! Yes, that’s it!

Everyone would have been thrilled, including your accountant and, of course, your boss! I bet you’re now curious to discover what Spendesk is all about... aren’t you?


What is a Spendesk card?

Spendesk is the SaaS gold-standard solution when it comes to smartly manage your daily business spending. It lets you centralise all your colleagues’ payments at once and gives you a secured and traceable method of payment. The use of automated virtual and plastic cards on request enables your team to make both online or in-store payments.

Spendesk cards are prepaid Mastercards, accepted everywhere, so you can use them like normal debit cards. Whether cards are virtual or physical, you can easily set-up editable spending limits onto any Spendesk cards, making it impossible to spend more than what has been authorized!

Since those cards are connected to the Spendesk software, teams from accounting and financial departments can easily monitor in real time what was spent by each teammate. Thanks to a bunch of automated features, such as invoice collection, they can save you precious time and focus on added-value tasks!

Teams are empowered when it comes to making payments and finance people have better control over expenses that are made. Isn’t that great?!


Spendesk cards vs. traditional payment cards

• For employees

Office Managers who need to make recurring payments, Sales Managers that do business at every European conference to advertise their products, Marketing teams who are getting ready to shoot their next “truly awesome” TV ad that will definitely create the next BUZZ...

These are many opportunities for which employees would need to use a business card: giving them plastic Spendesk cards provide them with an agile solution for payments in the field and let them be more confident and autonomous.

• For Finance teams

If you put yourself in the shoes of an Administrative and Financial Manager, it could be risky to provide employees with a payment method that would directly debit the company bank account, without being able to monitor it. You could be thinking “What if John spent without any limit on useless stuff! Imagine if Kristin forgot to bring a receipt or even lost them all! At least, I can make them fill out expense reports, everything is in my control!”.

Well, not really… knowing that expense report fraud is a costly and time-consuming battle that’s currently estimated at €700 per employee per year in middle-market companies!

Let’s be honest… it’s clearly not optimal, messy, and nerve-wracking for everyone. So how can you tackle this issue? It would be so great to get a tool that would simply allow you to integrate more control into cards and automatically collect invoices from each payments! Psst… that’s what Spendesk is all about ;)


What Spendesk can offer in comparison with traditional payment cards


  • No nasty surprises for your accounting team

    Finance people can now keep track of expenses thanks to non-transferable prepaid cards (spending limits set), that you can manually top up or automatically reload after having set a monthly budget that you can easily change in a few clicks!

  • No monthly fees needed to use these cards
    We’ll never ask you to pay extra fees in order to use Spendesk plastic cards! You just pay once: when you order a new card! You’re not going to throw money down the drain anymore ;)

  • A simple way of managing your payments thanks to a mobile app
    Leave your past behind! Everything is much simpler thanks to the Spendesk mobile app which lets you attach your receipt in a few clicks, check on your card balance in real-time and top it up when you need to.plastic-card-usage EN VUE USER@2x.png

  • A complete and better way to control and track your business transactions

    You got it… you can be sure you’ll please your accountant! Because Spendesk plastic cards are non-transferable and connected, accounting teams can monitor each employee’s spending, in and out of the office, thanks to real-time desktop and push notifications!

What are you waiting for? Get yours now!



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Faustine Rohr-Lacoste

Faustine is Head of Community at Spendesk. She is in charge of CFO Connect, a community of modern finance leaders.